General Overview

Ahmadyar Group has over thirty years’ experience in transportation, fuels supply, logistics, and construction throughout Afghanistan and is a licensed, 100% Afghan owned and run enterprise; we employ over 480 onsite staff across 16 provinces. With a fleet of over 240 fuel tanker trucks, one of Kabul’s largest vehicle maintenance facilities,15 remote sites and fuel stations across Afghanistan and five major fuel storage facilities in Hairaton, Aqina, Kandahar, and Kabul, Ahmadyar Group has established itself as a key player in the fuels logistics and storage market.

In 2010 Ahmadyar Group supplied over USG 40 million of petroleum products to the US Military, Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police. Over the past nine years we have subcontracted to both major governmental and non-governmental organizations, and have delivered fuel within 28 of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan to: U.S. Military Installations, Embassies, ANA Installations, ANP Installations and numerous other sites. Furthermore, through our strategic partnerships, Ahmadyar Group is able to extend its logistical reach beyond Afghanistan to supply fuels via Pakistan, and the Northern Routes: sourced from across Central Asia and transported by rail from as far as the Baltic. Ahmadyar Group currently is the largest import of LPG in Afghanistan, with a total storage of 2,500 MT, and 50 brand new 30 ton LPG trailers.

At Ahmad Yar Group, we know the most difficult part of fuel supply is to provide secure transportation. With this in mind, Ahmadyar Group has developed strong logistical and commercial relationships along the main supply routes. This ensures that your fuel reaches the final destination without any compromise: either to its quality or quantity, or to the integrity and reliability of Ahmadyar Groups service.

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