Understanding Our Code

AYG’s success depends on our reputation in the market and with our customers, as well as our peer organisations. We are also judged by competitors, government authorities, and the community. While business practices and customsvary between Afghanistan and our principal customer nations, AYG has established a set of standards that we must meet in Afghanistan as an Afghan-First business.

AYGemployees must adhere to the standards set out in this Code. In addition, AYG must only select subcontractors, workers, consultants, agents, suppliers and other third-party providers who act in a manner consistent with the standards contained in this Code.

AYG employees are responsible for their own conduct and behavior. It is important that all employees understand what their job is, how it is to be performed, and the expected outcomes and deliverables of their position. If unsure- ask your supervisor.

All employee of AYGare required to understand and follow the regulations that apply to their job, as well as read and understand this code. All employees should seek guidance from management if unsure how to act, suspected or actual incidents of breaches of this code must be reported to your manager, or the General Manager or CEO of AYG.

It is important that employees act impartially, as well as perform in accordance with Health and Safety requirements. Employees are expected to provide customer service that meets customer expectations. Employees should be alert for conflicts of interest and make efforts to avoid these.

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