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Making Appropriate Decisions

Decision making in business always requires people to make judgments with few absolutes. Peoples personal values contribute toward these decisions. If you are unsure about your decision and the appropriateness of it you can ask your colleagues, ‘bounce ideas’, and use the following list as a benchmark test.

  • Could my actions or decision be considered illegal?
  • What would happen if I made the decision anyway and it was not accepted by others?
  • Could I explain this decision to my boss?
  • Would my decision conflict with our business values? How would I feel about this?
  • How would the circumstances look being presented on a Current Affairs television show?
Breaches of the Code can be resolved internally and may result in counselling or the clarification of procedures to avoid further breaches. More serious breaches may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including the termination of employment. The intent of disciplinary action is corrective, and may be necessary to safeguard the continued success of the company and its employees.

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