Our Core Values

  • Establish a relationship and know your customers, identify their needs and exceed their expectations. These are the core beliefs behind our success.
  • Identify and solve customer problems.
  • Attention to detail. Details make the biggest difference.
  • Adapt to situations. Success depends on the ability to be flexible when circumstances change.
  • Teamwork. Working together on all levels intensifies our national efforts and realizes the potential of individual initiative.
  • Communicate and listen. The collective effort and sharing of ideas emphasizes the ability of everyone to contribute, creating a positive environment.
  • Meeting and exceeding our potential. Striving for excellence and improving on a daily basis.
  • Measuring and monitoring our success and costs, thus emphasizing accountability and responsibility.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of everybody within the organization. Giving credit where it’s due.
  • Be passionate about your work, while maintaining your sense of humor, creating a good balance and a positive energy.

Contact Us

For any queries or information, please contact our office.


+93 (0) 700 14 2525

Mailing address
New Bagram Road , Faqirullah Watt, Kabul - Afghanistan


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