Ahmadyar Aria Turk

is a Concrete Production Company and a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Ahmadyar Group, Established and Registered in 2009 under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with AISA. Provides Service to the US ARMY, ISAF, NATO’s, USACE, US EMBASSY, Different Ministries, and other International & Domestic Companies throughout Afghanistan as Prime Vendor as well as Sub-Contractor. Aria Turk has created its position as a leader in the Industry, recognized as a provider of choice for Quality Concrete in Afghanistan.

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A word from the president

I take this opportunity to present my best compliments to all our clients, be it a national organization, international organization, USAID, DFiD, DLA, embassies, or UN agencies—of small and big projects.

It is really a great pleasure to work with you, and bring about all the needs and requirements your organization have in frame of fuel and lubricants, construction and readymix concrete, development services, commercial fuel delivery in the different companies we run under the group of companies called—The Ahmad Yar Group. read more...


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