Our HSE Policy

Our HSE Policy

Our HSE Policy

Committed to a voluntary HSE approach. The HSE management is directly attached to the Subsidiary Chairman.

“Ahmadyar Group is committed to a voluntary HSE approach (Health, Safety and Environment) that aims to consolidate staff awareness on healthcare issues, safety of people and facilities, and on the environmental impact of the company activities. The HSE management is directly attached to the Subsidiary Chairman.”

Ensuring that our people and facilities are safe

Each staff member receives HSE training during his/her career. Depending on their jobs, our collaborators are trained on operating security, crisis management or any other relevant standardised technical training (electric risk, survival at worst situation.). Access to Ahmadyar Distribution sites also requires staff members to follow an HSE induction that prepares any participant for the general risks they may face on our facilities.

This requirement for innovation also applies to our HSE policy. We are proactive in terms of risk analysis, training and preventive measures. Above all, we carefully rally our teams in a way that promotes the reporting of information, in order to take account of any incident and to put in place any necessary corrective actions very promptly. Here again, our very short decision-making process is a real strength.

“Health is at the heart of our concerns”

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