Redefining construction and sustainable development with focus on quality

At Ahmadyar Aria Turk Construction Company (Aria Turk) Delivering a excellent product is at the heart of our approach. We believe in consistancy in quality and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our business is built on our people. "people we work with and people we work for" Our systems are processes are structured for success, every time. Our customers and the people we work with invest their time and trust with us because we take the responsibility of undertaking the tasks we set out to do. Our approach is transparent and straightforward so our customers are certain of the outcome.

We are a Concrete Production Company and a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Ahmadyar Group, Established and Registered in 2009 under the laws of Afghanistan with AISA. We are Prime Vendors as well as Sub-Contractor of many well known names e.g. 

  • US ARMY 
  • ISAF
  • NATO
  • Different Ministries and govt sectors 
  • International & Domestic Companies throughout Afghanistan.

Aria Turk has created its position as a leader in the Industry, recognized as a provider of choice for Quality Concrete in Afghanistan.

At Aria turk we offer  Lightweight concretes, Sulphate Resistant concrete, Waterproof Concrete, Steel Fiber Concretes, Polypropylene Fiber Concretes, Glass Fiber Concretes, Ground Screed, Colored Concretes, Plain Concretes, Filler Concretes, Heat and Sound Isolation Concretes, Self-compacting Concrete, Self-compacting Screeds, Imprinted Decorative Concrete, Underwater Concrete, Roller Compacted Concrete and Ready Mixed Wet Plaster and Morta

We are bond to provide the highest Quality Concrete to each of our customers with reliability and understand the direct relationship to our success. Aria Turk built its reputation on the Principle of Quality, Service, and a commitment to the Customer satisfaction.

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